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We help you celebrate your events in a sophisticated and original way to surprise and captivate your customers, suppliers or workers. Without a doubt, it will be a success!

Transform your events into an unforgettable experience with tea as the protagonist!

How can our services help you?

Looking for a sophisticated way to entertain your guests? Make all your special occasions memorable with a private tea event! Gather your minimum group of five, tell us the date, time and location, and we’ll provide you with an experience that will leave your guests in awe.

Servicios para empresas


Give the gift of an unforgettable knowledge experience to your allies. Our talks and workshops are designed to introduce and educate women and men about the interesting and exciting world of tea and the pause power. In addition, they can transform any sales activity into a sensory experience based on knowledge to captivate and generate purchasing needs.

Servicios para empresas


Make your guests remember that moment forever with an appropriate mass-tasting service for large-scale events or for private groups. Also, we organize events in collaboration with restaurants. Whether it’s a girls’ night out, a baby shower, a birthday or a fundraiser, we make every occasion special.

Servicios para empresas


Gifts and details that surprise and mark a special moment. We have ideas to surprise and delight with aromas and flavors that will awaken the senses. At the same time, they will bring benefits either to relax, activate or enhance cognitively. We can help you develop a gift idea specific to your needs and within your budget.

Do you want us to organize an event for your friends, family or perhaps for your company?

Write us and we will take care of everything!



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