Personalized online consulting with Mauriana Ascanio, an expert in tea, tea and infusions business entrepreneurship, and the founder and CEO of Namasteaco.

We prepare a service customized to your project and needs with our network of allies and specialists in diverse areas, such as Applied Neurosciences, Communication, Marketing, Protocol and Etiquette, and Neurogastronomy.

Discover the world of tea from a different perspective, whether you are a tea lover or just someone beginning to enjoy it!

How does this consultancy help you?

The key is your service and improving the customer experience in your business.

Specialized Consulting

Implementing a business idea that truly takes advantage of market opportunities requires a broad view and knowledge to define products and services. The most effective marketing strategies fall apart without consistent customer service.

brand development

We help you build and expand your brand, accompanying you in its management and growth. We will share with you all the information you need to design your mixes and develop innovative products to establish coherent communication with your ideal client.

Customer service

The key to the success and longevity of service companies is precisely their service, both external and internal customers.
Your team is not only one of your most important assets but also your internal customer. At Namasteaco, we help you to establish strategic changes so that your company can increase its competitiveness in the market and have a work environment where your team can develop in a healthy work environment.

What does this consultancy consist of?

We give you the tools that allow you to differentiate from the rest and stand out, since neither the processes, the technology, nor the products will make the difference. Nothing can generate an emotional bond as strong as the people with whom a client interacts.

We generate strategies that allow the customer to live a special, different, unique and unforgettable experience. We emphasize that the fastest and most effective way for your customers to love your brand is that your employees, your team, love their work.

We can help you in the following areas:


Advice on Neurocommunication and Neurosales applications in the specific business to strengthen the connection with the client and the brand projection.


Advice and training of staff in principles of Neurogastronomy and improvement of room service.


Advice, design and selection of the tea menu.


Staff training in leadership and self-leadership bases on brain biology and human behavior to improve motivation, communication and performance of work teams.


Consulting and evaluation of brand perception from a scientific vision based on basic Neuromarketing tools in online mode.


Advice on protocol, etiquette and service, adapted to the field of catering services for each of its departments: housekeeping, restaurant, administration, among others.


Consulting on protocol and Organizational and Social etiquette; application of Principles and protocol criteria.


Advice on protocol, etiquette and tea service.

Let’s work together!

Tea can become your best letter of introduction, whether as personal attention or integrated with other services in your menu or event. This act of hospitality will always be appreciated.

At Namasteaco we have multiple solutions to take your tea service to the next level. Let’s start by protocolizing this wonderful ritual and making your service a unique, repeatable and unforgettable experience.

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