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The encounter with tea turns into a journey of flavors, aromas, sensations and possibilities. Endless emotions run through you as you enjoy it!


Mauriana Ascanio Founder and CEO

At the bottom of a cup of tea lie the secrets of a millenary culture that dates back centuries in China. This ceremony, which is now practiced in many countries around the world, has different meanings: a moment of relaxation, hospitality and respect.

Tea culture, for me, is perfectly described in the concept introduced by master Sen no Rikyū (千利休), “ichi-go ichi-e” (一期一会), literally, “one chance in a lifetime”, a belief that every encounter should be treasured as it might never happen again.

An opportunity to share, experience, taste, learn, celebrate, and much more; that’s how I feel about tea: it provides us with the most genuine act of hospitality.

My relationship with the world of tea began because of chemistry. I was assigned a research paper entitled “Obtaining caffeine from tea”, and that’s where my curiosity was born.

Finding my ideal tea was not an easy task because, in my beginnings, I did not prepare tea right and the astringent and bitter hints of tea always came out in my infusions.

My path surrounding tea led me to first become certified as a Barista at the Escuela Venezolana del Café, then as a Tea Sommelier at the Escuela Caracas Tea & CO, as well as a Neurogastronomist at the Instituto de Neurociencias de las Américas. Although my coffee is never missing in the mornings, I am now in love with the wonderful world of Camellia Sinensis.



What I do

After water, tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world. Drinking tea is an unavoidable ceremony for some people and/or cultures. Even though they know this infusion brings many benefits to our health like helping us to keep stress and anxiety at bay, it detoxifies us as it is full of antioxidants and flavonoids. It neither contains calories. Among many other goodnesses, the key is that you can create moments of concentration, calm and union with others, creating paths that connect us with the best version of ourselves. In tea, we can find physical, mental and social health.

Haz del té una experiencia nueva


Enjoyment is essential in my courses, and a very important part of my mission lies in sharing our passion for tea. As CEO of Namasteaco, I try to provide you with all the knowledge I have acquired in my path as a Sommelier and Neurogastronomist. This is not only a training portal but also a meeting opportunity to discover new paths that tea will reveal to us.

Haz del té una experiencia nueva


If you run a business or you work in a customer service business, whether it is a coffee shop, spa, tea shop, rural house, hotel or restaurant, and you are interested in standing out from the rest, you should know that a good tea service can help you achieve it. This is the ideal place! You can increase your income by building customer loyalty through the mastery and knowledge of this product and its preparation possibilities.

Haz del té una experiencia nueva

Business services

Have you ever wondered how to sophisticatedly enrich your events with customers, suppliers and employees? The tea experience should not be an activity for just a few. I can help you set up an appropriate mass-tasting service for large-scale events or small groups, or provide you with first-class private tastings for executive segments.


We bring the Tea experience to surprise and captivate wherever you want: at home, event or company…

Here’s a GIFT that gives new meaning to tea time


Haz del té una experiencia nueva
Haz del té una experiencia nueva


What some of our students say about their experience

“Living the experience hand in hand with Mauriana in the perfect fusion of tasting tea and moving sexual energy was wonderful. Being aware of the energy flowing through each energy center of my body made me feel full and at peace, a feeling that lasted for a week.”

Lisbeth Estrada, Venezuela

“A unique experience enriched by the knowledge and wisdom of this world, in addition to enjoying the attention of Mauriana. Highly recommended if you want to know much more about a beautiful and exquisite world with material that you could not even imagine.”

Sebastián López, México

“I have finished the course ‘Behind a perfect cup of tea’, it has been exciting, each stage taught me new nuances of tea. It created special enthusiasm in me. At the same time, it provides confidence to learn more about the beautiful knowledge of this plant. I believe that all of us who are interested in learning about tea have to start here.

Ana Ruiz, Chile

Let’s work together!

Tea can become your best letter of introduction, whether as personal attention or integrated with other services in your menu or event. This act of hospitality will always be appreciated.

At Namasteaco we have multiple solutions to take your tea service to the next level. Let’s start by protocolizing this wonderful ritual and making your service a unique, repeatable and unforgettable experience.

Fill out this contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Everything you need to know about tea culture and much more.

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Exploring the Culinary Versatility of Tea: Beyond Infusion

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Tea Paraphernalia

Everything you need to prepare a perfect cup of tea!

Haz del té una experiencia nueva


A store where I share everything that has helped me on my way to a healthy lifestyle. They are the paraphernalia that I recommend buying for tea enthusiasts. CLICK THE BUTTON.

Haz del té una experiencia nueva


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