The Etiquette and Protocol of Tea

Etiquette is as relevant today as it was in Victorian times, perhaps even more so, as we live in a world where technological globalization has made our daily interactions transcend geographical boundaries and go beyond face-to-face communication.

Respect, kindness and consideration are the heart of modern etiquette, these principles should guide our conduct and behavior at all times.

What is this experience all about?

Etiquette is a life skill. It’s not about complicated rules or simply knowing what to do. It is about communicating confidently, respectfully and effectively with others regardless of the context.

In this workshop, we will introduce you to the fundamental theoretical concepts of protocol and etiquette and the importance of applying these rules in the tea ceremony, considered a new element in social and organizational relationships. You will be provided with the guidelines of behavior in the tea service as an added value to establish a culture in relation to the “Tea Ceremonial”.

What do you get?

Making an event an special experience, worthy not only to remember but also to repeat. It depends on many factors, such as the company, the location, the food and drink. However, what undoubtedly gives the special touch to these meetings are the rules of etiquette and protocol.

Protocolo y Etiqueta del té

Universal protocol principles

We will explore the elegance and distinction, which are some of the characteristics of the rules of etiquette and protocol that go a little beyond the ordinary table manners. It will make you be aware that the background is based on kindness towards other people..

Protocolo y Etiqueta del té


Not everything in the world of meetings or events has to be centered around coffee. Why not turn to tea and surprise your guests? We will see the types of events involving tea, the elements to set up the tea table, the protocol and etiquette at the tea table, the distribution of diners at the table, how to drink tea, the combination of food and tea, and also the pairing tea, coffee and wine.

Protocolo y Etiqueta del té


This workshop provides the knowledge for each participant to learn kind ways of sharing, both as a guest and as a host. We will talk about tea as the element of communication, encounter, kindness and gratitude. It includes practice of snacktime with tea.

A tea party is an alchemical game between the host and the guests!

Everyone likes to experience new things and explore new horizons, so what better way to do this than through tea? Your guests will love it for sure. Come and learn!


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