The path of the Kundalini through tea

An experience in which tea shows different nuances, between the intensities and emotions that hack your senses.

Discover the world of tea from a different perspective, whether you are a tea lover or just someone beginning to enjoy it!

What is this experience all about?

The development of this experience is based on my interpretation of the path that the Kundalini energy takes on the main energy centers of our body. It will be the tea that will show us that path.

El camino de la Kundalini a través del té

organoleptic tasting

We will make a qualitative evaluation by using the our 5 senses as tools. It is about paying full attention to evaluate, taste and savor the tea according to its different intensities.

El camino de la Kundalini a través del té


We will have a multisensory/multiemotional experience to taste tea through new environmental, sensory and psychological conditions. We will have the opportunity to taste and make tastings seeking changes in the perception of flavor, intended to generate the greatest pleasure.

Dare to live this adventure!

I will guide you into an experience in which you and tea will be the protagonists, all mediated by sensory stimuli that will make you perceive the same cup of tea in a different way. Let’s walk together the path of Kundalini through a cup of tea! Will you join us?


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